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Welcome To Shisha Cafe

Delicious Hookah
Authentic Cuisine

About Us

Middle Eastern food with an emphasis on Iraqi flavor

Shisha Cafe provides Middle Eastern food with an emphasis on Iraqi flavor. Due to the unique geographical location of Iraq our food has Arabic, Turkish, and Persian influence. We also provide amazing hookahs and more flavors than anyone else in town.

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1 (210) 694-4800


Our Customer's Reviews

Afzal Batliwala
Afzal Batliwala
Noor Hussein
Noor Hussein
Thanks for all especially for Trinity amazing servant girl
First time going here; the vibe of the restaurant was very lively. When I first arrived I was told to sit anywhere so I sit down with my husband and then we were told by a waitress, “I need you to sit somewhere else, we’re going to get busy later and we don’t need two people taking up a big table,” No problem!! but this could have been worded very differently rather than this being my first impression of the staff. Our waitress was very nice but didn’t seem to care about how she served us, it was just about getting us in and out. The food was amazing, the environment was nice, but the staff needs to improve their communication with customers.
FaLaH Al Subaie
FaLaH Al Subaie
الشيشة في الراس نخلة تفاحتين وفاخر بطله تستحق التجربة والزيارة راح اكرر الزيارة الخدمة جميلة ومتعاونين وفي حال كان المكان زحمة يبيلك تطول بالك شوي لانهم بشر والعمل تحت الضغط يولد اخطاء طبيعي لكن يحاولون قد ما يقدرون يفرون لك طلبك ويعوضونك عن اي نقص قريت كثير تعليقات سلبية لكن بعد زيارتي لهم اكتشفت العكس وسوف اكرر الزيارة دائماً حتى مغادرتي سان انطونيو
Joey Trinidad
Joey Trinidad
Took care of us and food was great!